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That Same
Old Station

An essay about memory and nostalgia

originated from radio waves.

Documentary  •  21 minutes  •  2021, Brazil and Cuba

Luiz goes back to Cuba and records the sounds

of the island with an old sound recorder.

On a magnetic band, he builds memories and affections in a place where the recent arrival

of the Internet coexists with old amateur

radio operators.
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"That Same Old Station focuses on the sound landscape as the driving force of memories and affections. The idea is superb: in a digital age where seeing and listening are first and foremost, experiencing the analog culture is like visiting a foreign country."

André Dib for Curta Taquary

General Information

Original Title: Aquela Mesma Estação

International Title: That Same Old Station

Running Time:  21' 28"

 Countries:  Brazil | Cuba

 Rating:  General

Languages: Portuguese | Spanish | English

Genre:  Documentary | Essay | Short

    Release Date:  16 March 2021 (14th Curta Taquary, Brazil)

Full Cast & Crew

Direction & Sound:: Luiz Lepchak
Production: Jade Azevedo, Luiz Lepchak (Piranha Filmes)
Cast: Yaya Millán, Luis García, Omar Esiel,

         Valentina Checotolina, Luiz Lepchak
Film Editing: Aristeu Araújo
Photography: Alejandro Perez, Flávio Rebouças
Original Song: El Ungido
Color Grading: Daniel Rodriguez
Foley Artist: Tulio Borges
Graphic Design: Dora Suh
Translations: Julia Scrive-Loyer

Film Festivals & Awards

Selection officelle 2021 - court metrage - N.png


(French Guiana, 2021 October)


23th MIDBO

(Colombia, 2021 October)


14th Curta Taquary

(Brazil, 2021 March)

New Directors


Best Actor (Luiz Lepchak)

Best Film Editing (Aristeu Araújo)

Best Sound (Luiz Lepchak)


10th Olhar de Cinema

(Brazil, 2021 October)

Laureles Festival 2021.png

2nd Festival DOCA

(Argentina, 2021 December)


17th Lapacho

(Argentina, 2021 September)

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