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Sound Design
and Scoring for Film

I grew as a composer and sound designer based on a tradition that believes Sound and Music in Film are intrinsic, fundamental aspects of filmmaking. Therefore, I suggest that the collaborative work I do alongside directors should start as early as the first draft stage, so the film would be made thinking in Sound.

Latin American Cinema, documentaries and independent films are frequently where my productions can be found. Whatever the project is, I would love to collaborate with anybody who strongly believes their films have a place in the world, so I can help them blossom through my craft.



Sound Composition / Sound Mixing

Francisco Marise – Amateur Cinema / Lolita Films Argentina, Spain, Panama | 2018 | Documentary | 65’

• SSIFF 66 New Directors

• Mar del Plata IFF 33

• DocLisboa 2018

• IDFA 2018


TO WAR explores a former Cuban soldier's memories and loneliness through the observation of his body and his (extra)ordinary gestures. PARA LA GUERRA is a war film without a single shot being fired.




Sound Design / Mixing

Dê Kelm – Haver Filmes

Brazil (PR) | 2020 | Documentary | 77’

• 38 Torino Film Festival

• 23ª Mostra de Cinema de Tiradentes

• 28º Mix Brasil

• IX Cachoeira Doc

Thammy is Derick's mother. Bruna, Chiva, and Ana too. Together they raise their child. Together they make music and together they build their own house.


Sound Design

Bruno Costa – Metafixa Produções

Brazil (PR) | 2021 | Fiction | 94’

• 24ª Mostra de Cinema de Tiradentes

• 42 Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine

  Latinoamericano (Havana, Cuba)

10º Olhar de Cinema | AVEC-PR Leandro Schip Award

IAFFM Ibero American Film Festival Miami | Best Feature Film

Maycon is a boxer who trains to return to the ring while sharing his time with two underemployees. Malu’s father, the result of a casual relationship he had with Michele, he has his life overturned when he finds himself in the situation of having to take care of his daughter alone. Between the exhausting routine of training and training to survive Maycon’s biggest fight has yet to be won: becoming a father.


Sound Mixing / Sound Design / Music Recording

Alejandro Perez – EICTV

Cuba | 2017 | Documentary | 21’

• IDFA 2017

• ALCINE 2018, Prêmio CES

   Best Sound - Luiz Lepchak | Edición 48-2018

• CurtaCinema RJ 2018

• DocumentaMadrid 2018

• FilmFest Dresden 2019

The Sight is a compact, artistic documentary in which an audience discovers that their own lives are as magical as what’s unfolding before their eyes.