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Cáfila Sounds is a brand that scores experimental soundtracks for archive footage. Instrumental and noise recording, synths and effects, concrete and electronic music. Elements that make up an aesthetic composition, which is fundamentally committed to the inventiveness of the sound related to the images. A trip to the past through the sounds of the future.

Initially established on the @cafilasounds Instagram profile, our brand was born  out of the idea of

re-editing and scoring historical films, several of which were silent in their original form. An artistic effort of giving a new voice to these images.

Sounds of the future
for images of the past

Dezember 2020 – May 2021

Films produced with Brazilian archive footage from the 1940s until the 1970s.


Past Carnivals

The narrative voice that announces Rio’s Carnival in past times transforms itself in the evening. Loops of traditional samba instruments such as tambourine and pandeiro, recorded by percussionist Gabriela Bruel, come together with synths in the makeup of a carnivalesque hallucination.


Colatina – 1940’s

and 1950’s Brazil

The clarinet’s melody in mixolydian mode, which is the common scale of folkloric music from Northeast Brazil, is accompanied by the viola, an instrument featuring shiny metallic chords that are played by musician Daniel Perez. A lyric and nostalgic tone is evoked in the sound of 1940’s Brazil scenes.


Women’s Accomplishments

Foley sounds introduce the phone operators' work atmosphere, as well as that of the craft of sewing. The appearance of a man on the scene leads the soundscape to a cave where water drips, interrupting the music, which comes and goes. Punctual sound additions accompany the images: the piano, the roar of an animal reduced to its fur and forró music (zabumba and the triangle), which takes turns with the cries of children.


Action in the Sea

Simulation of Hollywood cliches for a war movie that has never existed. In the parallel film editing between those who would attack and those who would be attacked, dramatic orchestra timpani are in contrast with the sounds of clumsy soldiers in their fallen parachutes, as they prepare for battle in a pop vibe


Celebration in São João del-Rei

Synthetic textures reminiscent of pipe organs, as well as transformed singing about the liturgical text Agnus Dei, accompany a Christian religious celebration in Minas Gerais's countryside, in a location where the tradition of string orchestras inside the temples is still preserved. In the midst of that, the noise of a film camera that witnesses it is heard.