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Sound Mixing / Sound Design

Celina Escher – EICTV

Cuba | 2016 | Documentary | 13’

• IDFA 2016

In her tiny Cuban shop, Maria repairs household appliances and chats to her customers and neighbors about her life and work.



Sound Mixing / Sound Design

Dê Kelm – Haver Filmes

Brazil (PR) | 2018 | Fiction | 18’

• 7º Olhar de Cinema | Menção Honrosa

  Mostra Mirada Paranaense
• 1ª TRANSFORMA Festival de Cinema da

  Diversidade de Santa Catarina | Melhor Som
• 18ª Goiânia Mostra Curtas

Lui, a circus teacher, enjoys playing with the routine, with sex, with the gender, but he gets disappointed when realizes that the person he loves cannot understand him.



Sound Mixing / Sound Design

David Beltrán I Marí – EICTV
Cuba | 2016 | Fiction | 13’’

• 13º Festival de Cinema Latino-Americano

  de São Paulo
• 16 Festival Internacional de Escuelas de Cine

  Cinemateca Uruguaya | Mejor película Extranjera

Dayron is a silent witness to the constant arguing of his grandparents with his mother. Suddenly, the grandfather kicks her out of the house. The loneliness caused by her absence weighs on Dayron.



Original Soundtrack / Sound Design / Mixing

Tiago Pedro – EICTV

Cuba | 2016 | Documentary | 12’

• FIC Gibara 2018

In the Cuban Sierra Maestra, a local photographer who takes pictures of people according to their wishes, and a universe of collages that transport them to any place in the world.